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Enjoy these commercials while taking a trip down memory lane!
(Note: 2 are missing! If you have them, please pass them on)

Jem Preview 1986
Jem & the Holograms and The Misfits Dolls/Coming Soon 1986
Rock Backstager 1986
Jem Hair Commercial
Rockin' Roadster
Jem Free Cassette Offer
Jem Star Stage
Rock N' Curl Jem 1987
Rock Backstager 1987
The Misfits Dolls 1987
Clash & Synergy 1987
Video Madness Playsets 1987
Watches 1987
Glitter N' Gold Jem 1987
Jem Goes Weekdays!
**Dream Tour Cassette Commercial 1987**
**Danse, 'New Look' Holograms & Flash n' Sizzle Jem**
Credit to Jem Things and Stuff and Jem Vs. Pranceatron

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