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"The Ulitmate Jem Site" Exculsive! An interview with Misty Stewart-Taggart (writer of two Jem episodes)

"It's been 20 years ... but, I so enjoyed working with Christy Marx.  She's so very talented and a truly supportive woman.  So generous with her time and creativity.  
Here are my questions!

1. How did you get the job?
I had been friends with Christy for several years.  We were put together on a project at Hanna/Barbera ... and enjoyed working together.

2. What exactly did you write...(the story, dialouge, music, etc?)
I wrote the story and dialogue ...  in other words, the Script.  It was great fun writing for those well developed characters.

3. Do you like the music? - What's your favorite song?
As a screenwriter, I didn't really have anything to say about the music.  Although, each writer was responsible for writing the montage that appeared with each song.  I was always amazed at the way the songs sounded so professional and fit right into each of the stories.

4. What other episodes did you write?
I wrote 2 episodes:  TRICK OR TECHRAT (the Halloween show)  and AZTEC ENCHANTMENT

5. Did you enjoy working on the show? - How was the whole experience?
It was wonderful, as I said.  I'd work with Christy on anything.  It was great to be a part of animation history.  Christy and I were part of breaking the 'old boy's club' of animation writers.  Finally, women were being hired.  It was great.

6. If you were asked to write another episode, what would it be about?
I can't imagine what it would be as, I am sorry to say, so many of the values we put into the shows then have been left in the dust.  I'm not a fan of today's cartoons. I think the last of the GREAT ONES was PINKY AND THE BRAIN ... which was sheer genius.

7. Do you think the show will come back? - Would you want to work on it?
If it did come back, I'd love to be asked to work on it.  If Christy's there ... I'm there!

8. Do you own "Jem" merchandise?
No, I really don't.  The only thing I have from that wonderful era of my life is a beautiful original painted Cell of JEM  along with some Character Sheets from the original show bible ... and my scripts, of course.
Thanks for keeping JEM alive and singing!  It's OUTRAGEOUS!
Misty Stewart-Taggart"
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