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5/4/15 - More Jem music video links added through "Glitter N' Gold".
4/8/15 - All of the Music Videos links are dead unfortunately. I've removed all the broken links and restored Jem's "Only The Beginning" through "People Who Care". I've also removed some spam comments.
4/6/15 - I'm not dead... I'm honestly surprised this site is still up on the internet! I apologize for abandoning it... There was some drama going on behind the scenes. I'm going to see what I can do to get this site revamped! I'll be right back after these messages
7/14/08 - New video I made called "Security" & a new poll.
6/2/08 - New music video I made is up & I updated the "Dirty" video link.
4/24/08 - Some remixes have been posted up on Youtube and are under my music videos. Enjoy!
3/19/08 - New picture on home page for Easter!
3/3/08 - I made a new music video!!! Check it out. Also I removed all of the Rhino episodes. For more info look at the top of page "Seasons Episodes..."
2/24/08 - I updated "Danse Time" in the episode section. But then I came to thinking that I should just put in the full parted episodes. So I have 2 new polls up!!! Go and vote!
2/18/08 - I got a YouTube!!
2/14/08 - Re-added the interview with Misty.
1/18/08 - Beat This cover.
1/11/08 - Listen Up cover in Photoshop Mania.
1/09/08 - Hey Look It's Jem!! I added a cover for a Hollywood Jem CD in Photoshop Mania.
12/31/07 - New site logo and banner!
12/02/07 - New image in Photoshop Mania! My best yet! & a Holiday wallpaper.
12/01/07 - A new logo on the Homepage for Christmas! Also The winner of the poll "What's your favorite Christmas Song" was Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee! I'll be making that video this weekend! (Hopefully)
11/28/07 - There was a tie for favorite Chistmas Song between Santa Baby (Madonna) & Rockin' Around The Chrstmas Tree (Brenda Lee). A new poll is up for those 2 for 2 days! Get those votes in!!
11/26/07 - New section "Commentary" which feature me talking about the videos I've made. 3 more days for the poll! GET THOSE VOTES IN! Also My mom must sell those tickets! Tell your friends!
11/23/07 - Just a quick word, Get you votes in for the Christmas video. Only 7 days left! Also, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday and a new Chistmas banner will be on the Homepage in just 8 days!
11/17/07 - New album cover & wallpaper.
11/16/07 - 3 new album cover in Photoshop Mania.
11/07/07 - Advert for Redskins VS. Cowboys on homepage! My mom MUST sell them!
11/07/07 - New pic in Photoshop Mania!
11/0607 - Part 2! 2 new wallpapers!
11/06/07 - 2 new music videos!
11/05/07 - 3 new wallpapers and a new Photoshop pic!
11/03/07 - New poll! Also, I have made a new video but will be putting it up when I make the other one.
10/28/07 - Interview with Misty Stewart-Taggart is up (has it's own section) & a new poll "What's Your Favorite Christmas Song?", winner will be made into a video!
10/25/07 - New video for Early Winter.
10/23/07 - 2 new videos - Surprise! Surprise! (Doll Edition) & Lucky Star. Did you see the comment on the homepage?!?
10/21/07 - New video, Truly Outragoues (Doll Edition) & a interview with a writer from the series coming soon along with new music videos!
10/19/07 - Trick Or Techrat is up and running again.
10/14/07 - 5 new wallpapers have been added to the Wallpapers section.
10/10/07 - New video I made for "Who Is She Anyway?" & a new section, "My Jem Collection"
10/8/07 - Better versions of commercial breakers for season 3 (but still looking for better ones) and a new commercial has been added to the "Commercial" section. Walk Like An Egyptian has been added to the music videos section!
10/1/07 - The first day of October which means theres a new logo on the home page! Also a new image in Photoshop Maina and 2 new videos I made to "Claifornia Dreamin'" and "U + Ur Hand"!
9/26/07 - "Rehab" has been added to the Music Video Section under Mine. I can't stop watching it!!
9/17/07 - "Music Is Magic"& "The Jazz Player" are up and running again.
9/16/07 - "Father's Day", "The Treasure Hunt", and "Äztec Enchantment" are up and running again!
9/12/07 - The is up and running, 6 new pics have been added to Photoshop Mania, and a brand new section called "Wallpapers".
8/31/07 - "One Jem Too Many" & "The Bands Break Up" are up and running again.
8/30/07 - A new section is up called "Photoshop Mania" featuring my fan art using Photoshop! Only 3 pictures are up, but more will be coming!
8/24/07 - The Talent Search Part 2 is up and running along with Scandal.

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